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Damien (Slater Brothers #5) by L.A. Casey


4 Stars

Alannah Ryan and Damien Slater were once great friends. A mistake in their relationship changed everything… and Damien left soon after…

Years later Damien is back, and Alannah wants nothing to do with him. She learned her lesson the first time around, and nowadays she is older, wiser, and better at guarding her heart…

But now that he’s home for good, Damien isn’t going to let Alannah get away with the silent treatment much longer…


Damien is book number five in the outstanding Slater Brothers series. I love all of the relationships between the friends and families of all the Slater couples. They have such a hilarious and special bond that is so entertaining to read. It is so fulfilling to see everyones lives progressing and the second generation of Slaters coming into this world.

Now that all of the rest of the Slater men have found their HEA, Damien is finally getting his chance to win back the girl of his dreams…

Alannah has alway been a shy, sweet woman, who is the most giving person in her group of friends. She often claims that she doesn’t have the backbone to deal with confrontation, but she has now found herself at the center of a whole lot of drama. With family issues, her work getting harder to keep up with, and Damien crashing back into her life, everything is getting more and more complicated by the day.

Damien has only ever wanted Alannah. Having regretted what happened between them the the night everything changed, he has been working to become the kind of man that Alannah deserves.

Damien and Alannah are finally getting their chance. Alannah finds a new found confidence that she never knew she possessed. And once they get going, the unassuming Alannah turns into quite the vixen. Taking things slow, they decide to do the work to build themselves into something solid…

But, the family Alannah thinks she has been a part of for all these years has been keeping some big secrets… and everything is about to change once more…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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