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The Consequence of Rejection (Consequence #4) by Rachel Van Dyken


4 Stars

Jason Caro has moved on since the disaster that was his wedding day. In fact, everything is going great, until his friends come for a visit… and then the girl who crushed his heart 10 years ago moves in next door…

Maddy Summers moved to NYC after graduating high school and never once looked back. Her only regret was having to leave Jason to do it. She knew she would have to face him again one day, and apparently that day is here…

Revisiting their old feelings and memories of what life was like together growing up, Jason and Maddy agree they need closure if they ever want to be able to be friends again… but closure is easier said then done when you still helplessly love each other…


Jason is a local police officer in the town he grew up in, something he always wanted to be. He always pictured Maddy by his side, until she left him and never looked back. Now that she is home for good, he can’t control seeing her everywhere, and at the advice of his helpful (or not) friends, he sets out to put the past aside and move on with his life once and for all. Working against his old resentment and his accident prone tendencies, his mission is easier said then done…

Maddy loved Jason even when she decided to leave him. Scared of getting stuck and never being able to leave, she decided the only way to truly get out was to cut Jason out of her life completely. Now, she is home for good, and Jason is still the only man she has ever loved.

This second chance romance was a great read. It was funny and entertaining, and probably the deepest and most emotional of the series. Maddy and Jason have spent the last 10 years leading separate lives, but it doesn’t take much for them to realize that they only ever wanted each other…

The Consequence of Rejection is book #4 in the sometimes silly and lighter reading Consequence series. While a complete standalone, reading about Jason’s wedding disaster in The Consequence of Losing Colton (book #1) is highly recommended.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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