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Recovered by Jay Crownover


5 Stars

After the death of her mother, Affton Reed is a new student in a new city and only interested in keeping her head down and getting through high school. She knows who Cable McCaffrey is… everyone in town does. But, she notices his suffering when no one else has, and no matter how much she wants to, she can’t sit idly by and watch drugs destroy him like they did her mother.

Cable James McCaffrey is going down a dangerous and drug fueled path. Not caring about anyone or anything but himself, his only objective is to numb himself to the world that surrounds him. Until the day that his selfishness took everything…

A few years later Affton and Cable see each other again, under very different circumstances. They couldn’t be more opposite, and they’ve never really liked each other. She is destined for great things, and he is an addict with no sense of purpose. But below the surface, Affton and Cable are both the same broken and lost souls…

“Everyone else had been a distraction, but Affton Reed, she was a destination. She was the place I wanted to go and maybe, just maybe, she was the place where I wanted to stay. She was the place I was going to have to work my ass off to reach.”


Recovered is a beautifully written and tangible story of loving an addict against all odds…

Cable has recently been released from prison, and in order to stay out he is required to maintain his sobriety. Still the angry and fractured man he was before being incarcerated, his desire to stay sober seems like a lost cause. Until, his new sober companion arrives, and he has something new, and enticing to focus on.

Affton has no desire to revisit the life of taking care of an addict. She has seen how this story ends, and it wasn’t pretty. But, with little choice, she is persuaded to spend an entire summer doing just that, with the one man she has always been painfully aware of.

There are so many reasons that Cable and Affton should stay away from each other. His addiction being at the center of them all. But, they understand each other like no one ever has, and they both want the best things for each other through it all…

I loved this story!!! This was my first book by Jay Crownover and I can not wait to read many MORE!! Cable and Affton’s relationship is incredibly complicated, based in the reality of addiction and the task of overcoming their demons. Powerful, emotional and superbly sexy, you don’t want to miss this story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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