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Getaway Girl by Tessa Bailey


5 Stars

Addison Potts left Charleston in the dust when she departed from town six years ago to move to New York. Now that she’s back, she figures why not make as big a splash as possible… with a little wedding crashing. But, she soon realizes that her appearance at this particular wedding isn’t the most scandalous thing about to happen…

Captain Elijah Montgomery DuPont is completely blind sighted when he is left at the altar. The last thing he wants to do is listen to every last wedding guest express their thoughts on what just happened to him. And then, a perfectly placed getaway car… with the one girl who seems like she isn’t going to make him relive the disaster at the church…

What starts as quite the odd couple friendship between Addison and Elijah, quickly grows into them being inseparable. One night of a little too much drinking… and this friendship is ready to ignite…


Addison Potts isn’t your typical southern woman. While she was raised in Charleston, once she left she was determined to abandon all things southern. She has moved back to run her Grandmother’s business and honor her memory in the process. Not looking to jump into any real scandal like the one that plagued her childhood, Addison’s decision to rescue the jilted groom is about the biggest error she could have made. But, Addison doesn’t care what people think, and she isn’t cowed by wealth or the mover and shakers of Charleston society…

“I like it when you forget to be mean to me.”

Captain Elijah Montgomery DuPont wishes he were a little more upset about being left at the altar. But, his focus is on the upcoming election where he is running for mayor. Life is about as stressful as it can be, and Addison is the only escape he has from it all. He’s not looking for a relationship after his last one ended so abruptly, but then why is Addison the only thing he can think about anymore…

This book was EVERYTHING. It was hilarious, off the charts sexy, and such a freaking great story.

Addison has spent her life being an outsider, and she has no problem embracing it. Until she meets Elijah, and she wishes she could be the type of woman he wants to be with. And when their sexual tension finally explodes, she isn’t about to pass up the opportunity to have a little piece of Elijah for herself.

I absolutely adored Elijah. A southern gentleman through and through… until Addison gets him going, and then he became the sexiest dirty talker out there. His self consciousness about his butt is about the most endearing thing ever, and his Twitter page @DuPontBadonk, is absolutely real. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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