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Royally Pucked by Pippa Grant

Royally Pucked Ebook Cover

4 Stars

Gracie Diamonte lives a quiet sheltered life, she owns the local bakery in the small town where she grew up and where she knows everyone. But throwing herself out of her comfort zone for one night, she visits a prince and has the quickie to end all quickies.

Manning Frey, Prince of Stölland has quite the reputation of being a playboy prince who takes nothing seriously. His night with Gracie was one to be remembered, with a souvenir for them both… to come 9 months later.

She’s not princess material, and he’s betrothed to another… but Gracie and Manning couldn’t be more right for each other… if only the rest of the world would cooperate…


Gracie knows that she isn’t the smartest or most assertive of people, with a strong, protective older sister and a town who loves her, she hasn’t had to go out of her comfort zone very often. But, Manning Frey is every bit of a challenge to her comfort and she finds herself wanting to change her life and be something more, just by knowing him.

Manning Frey has been resigned to do his royal duty and marry the woman his family betrothed him to when he was just a baby, until Gracie springs her news on him and he comes to the realization of everything that he could be in danger of losing.

But, for the first time in her life, Gracie isn’t going to give up. Manning means something to her, and she wants his happiness and the happiness of their future child to win. And she WILL be victorious, no matter the royal obstacles she faces…

This book was another hilarious and fun read from Pippa Grant. With her unique and often times silly characters, this is a light read that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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