4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · New Beginnings · Reformed Man Whore · Rock Star · Second Chance · Series · Slow Burn · Sweet · Unrequited Love

Oceanside (Rock Stars, Surf and Second Chances #3) by Michelle Mankin


4 Stars

When Fanny Bay Lesowski has a brief encounter with a musician whose music speaks to her, music which helped her through many hard times in her life, her life is guaranteed to never be the same again. But, their promising exchange didn’t last, and eventually she moved on with her life.

Ashland Keys was waiting on some life altering news, and although Fanny touched something within him that no one ever had, his life is derailed soon after. He would have loved to be there for her, but someone like him would only bring her rising star crashing down to the ground.

Years later, under much different circumstances, Fanny and Ashland meet again, and this time he is going to protect her with his everything he can…


Fanny Bay has fallen into a difficult situation. Living as far under the radar as possible, she and her underage sister are hiding from one very despicable and far reaching adversary, their stepfather. Garnering attention from Ashland and his friends, she tries to avoid them all as much as possible, but the more she runs from Ashland, the more he can’t seem to let her go…

Ashland has retired from his band, sex, and most things in life. Preferring to keep to himself, his isolation is only partly due to his HIV diagnosis and the many regrets he has from his past. When Fanny re-enters his life, she is someone who understands him on a level that no one in his life ever has. Determined to save her from herself, and every single one of her foes, this time is different. This time he isn’t disappearing.

This book was such an amazing read. Delving into the real struggle of a man who is living with HIV and his desire to keep everyone at a distance as a result. Ashland and Fanny have a slow burn, modern romance for the ages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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