ARC Review · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · New Beginnings · Reformed Man Whore · Series · Slow Burn · Sweet

Chaser (Dive Bar #3) by Kylie Scott


3.5 Stars

Eric Collins may be a co-owner of Dive Bar, but he is by far the least relied on member of the staff. Determined to change how he is viewed by everyone, he decides it’s time to start taking his responsibilities seriously, and he gives himself a break from his many no-strings-attached relationships.

When Jean Antal moves to town, she is someone Eric could be seriously interested in… if not for her very pregnant status. But, unable to stay away for any real amount of time, he finds himself not only a part of Jean’s life, but her newborn daughters as well…


Eric is viewed as a man who doesn’t take much seriously and he spends his time sleeping with women and then moving on quickly. Now that we are privy to his story and his own inner-most thoughts, we get to see how sweet, funny and completely irresistible he is.

When Jean shows up at the Dive Bar, she is pregnant and has just uprooted her life to start fresh. Everyone rallies around her and they pitch in to do whatever they can to help her with her move and to welcome her as a part of their group of friends. And while Eric initially avoids her and the entanglement she represents, it isn’t long before his efforts to stay away fail him.

I felt like Eric was dumped on a lot from the people who were supposed to be his friends, and while he didn’t let it get to him, I loved that Jean stood up for him despite him not believing he actually deserved it. 

Their relationship is an unconventional one, with one very adorable newborn who raises all the stakes, but Eric and Jean do their relationship their way… no matter what the world around them thinks…

Chaser is a sweet, slow burn romance standalone and book number three in the Dive Bar series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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