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The Pecker Briefs (Legal Affairs #7) by Sawyer Bennett


3.5 Stars

It’s just a typical day on the job when Ford Daniels is called to deal with a legal issue for a big client… and finds a gorgeous woman chained to a tree instead…

Viveka Jones is an animal rights lawyer set on protecting all animals… and today’s crusade is for an endangered species of woodpecker living in a tree that is in danger of being razed for development.

Ford and Viveka may be on different sides of the woodpecker legal battle, but that doesn’t do much to cool down their instant attraction and desire to spend a lot of time together… naked.


The Pecker Briefs was an incredibly sexy and sweet book in the Legal Affairs series, and can be read as a complete standalone.

Ford is a high powered attorney who has been known to resist his fair share of long term relationships. It’s not that he is against them, he just hasn’t ever found “the one” who he would want to pursue something permanent with. Meeting Viveka, he is infatuated with her immediately, she is completely unlike any woman he has met before, and he just can’t make himself stay away from her.

Viveka is an attorney who protects animals of all species who can’t protect themselves. Sure, her chosen career focus isn’t very lucrative, but she isn’t in it for the money. Recently divorced, she has yet to enter back in the dating scene, and Ford is the type of man who screams temporary fling.

Although they are representing completely different sides of a legal battle, Ford and Viveka are the utmost professionals, who won’t let their hot and heavy (and frequent) sexcapades get in the way of their jobs…. right?

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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