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Star (44 Chapters #3) by B.B. Easton

5 Stars

Brooke Bradley (aka BB) is recently recovered from her last disastrous ending to a relationship and is looking forward to starting college and moving on from her past mistakes.

While at a party BB meets the incredibly sexy bass player, Hans Oppenheimer, and they hit it off immediately. She’s never been with anyone like Hans, who is sweet, treats her like a princess and thinks of her first, and always.

“Hans was showing me that my very flesh was worthy of affection all by itself.

Even the scars.”

Although their connection is seamless, BB and Hans’ life together is anything but easy. With the growing popularity of his band, and their mutually busy lives, their times of separation start to splinter their relationship.

But, if they are meant to be, their true love will find a way…


With each book in the 44 Chapters series, we are given a glimpse into the mostly true, somewhat fictionalized memories of BB’s life and her maturing into adulthood in the 1990’s.

STAR is the story of a sweet, yet tumultuous relationship in the midst of sex, alcohol and drug fueled concerts, parties and all kinds of questionable decisions… man, I miss the 90’s…

BB and Hans’ relationship is all about young, yet complicated love. Their burgeoning adulthood paves the way for the growing pains of life and it’s realities versus their desire to be always be near each other.

I just freaking love BB Easton. Her writing is not only genuine and beautiful, but she seems to bare her very soul in every single one of her books. STAR brings us to her relationship with Hans, the musician who taught her how much self worth she possesses… and how much she deserves to be valued.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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