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Disturbing His Peace (The Academy #3) by Tessa Bailey


4.5 Stars

Danika Silva is dedicated to giving her all at the Police Academy. Showing up early and working harder than anyone else, she doesn’t believe in relying on someone else for her success. But, no matter how hard she works, there is always one humorless and stone-cold presence whose opinion she can’t seem to shake…

Lieutenant Greer Burns has never found a rule that he didn’t follow to the letter. Playing things by the book keeps people safe, and his life is in blissful and immaculate order… until Danika.

She drives him into crazy and turns him into a possessive man that he doesn’t even recognize.

He annoys her to no end, but she can’t stop picturing him naked…

When the rules are thrown out the window, Danika and Greer only need to agree on one thing… who is in charge…


This book was freaking fantastic and Greer was one hot, take-charge, alpha surprise! The sex was sheet burning hot and I absolutely loved the way that Greer and Danika find their HEA in the dangerous life of New York City Police Officers.

Danika is a giver, she spends all of her free time helping her family and friends and has very little downtime for herself. While she enjoys being busy and having a purpose, it is tiring at times.

From the very beginning Danika has been attracted to Greer, but she has also kept herself far away from him and the captivation he inspires in her. Knowing him as her roommates emotionally distant brother and an all around hard ass, she figures it won’t be a stretch for them to keep existing on their separate paths. Until she finds herself needing his help.

Greer figures his cold attitude keeps him safe from heartbreak. After all, when everyone eventually leaves, why put yourself out there in the first place? But, Danika makes him feel like no one ever has, and he will stop at nothing to protect her and cherish her… even if it’s from a safe distance…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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