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Arrogant Devil by R.S. Grey


5 Stars

Meredith Avery just left her husband. With her decision to just get up and leave, and with the lack of any actual planning, she finds herself in quite a hard spot pretty quickly. But, she is determined to start over, and the first thing she needs to help her accomplish her goal is a job. Unfortunately… the reception she receives at her new employer is a tad… unfriendly.

Jack McNight doesn’t have time to cater to a princess who is obviously playing some kind of attention seeking game with her husband. Since he already agreed to give her a job, he figures if he does everything in his power to make life difficult for her, she will be out of his hair in no time. What he didn’t count on was Meredith. She is willful, doesn’t back down from any challenge that he hands her, and she isn’t even the slightest bit afraid of him… 

Meredith is intent on doing her job and figuring her life out, and one jerky boss isn’t going to bring her down. Especially one who is as good looking and as completely insufferable as Jack McNight.


Must read book alert!! This book was the ultimate slow-burn romance, featuring a sexy and (of course) arrogant ranch owner (cowboy!!) and the previously pampered and currently destitute woman intent on turning her life around…

When Meredith escapes her marriage and life in California, all she can think of is getting out of town first and foremost, deciding she will figure everything else out on the way. When she arrives at her destination in small town Texas, she has nowhere to live and only the slightest possibility of a job lead. And then she meets her potential employer…

Jack is buried in work with no help in sight. And then Meredith shows up and his already stressful life skyrockets to unfathomable heights. Sure, he promised to give Meredith a more than likely, very temporary job, but he sure would enjoy seeing her squirm a little before she ultimately gives up and moves on.

With personalities that are constantly at odds, this willful duo is set to show the people of Cedar Creek, Texas just what they think of each other. But, when first impressions prove to be incredibly wrong, Meredith and Jack find themselves actually… liking each other?

I absolutely loved this book. The characters were interesting, stubborn and so much freaking fun. Meredith and Jack’s banter was EVERYTHING. While their love story itself took a lot of time to develop, it was completely necessary and beautifully done. And once their well built sexual tension and endless strife finally reaches combustion, neither of them will ever be the same again…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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