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Tacet a Mortuis (Whispers from the Dead) (The Elite King’s Club #3) by Amo Jones


2.5 Stars

In book three of the The Elite King’s Club series we are thrown right back into the midst of secrets being revealed from book two, The Broken Puppet

Madison Montgomery and Bishop Hayes have love/hate down to a science. When secrets and danger breathing down their necks, will these two ever find a way to be together peacefully? Well, only if their kind of peace includes a whole lot of angry sex…


I was absolutely blown away by Silver Swan, which is the first book in this series. With drama, strong characters and a heart pounding storyline, it was everything I love about a darker romance…

Sadly, this book was not everything I wanted it to be. The characters I loved from the first book have lost their luster. There is too much focus on mundane things that don’t add anything to the story, and random and confusing twists that just don’t make sense.

While I really enjoy the premise for this series, I feel that this book has made the story too convoluted to the point where I am just no longer invested in these characters.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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