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Beauty and the Beefcake by Pippa Grant


 4 Stars

Felicity Murphy has an crappy ex-boyfriend that just won’t go away and an overprotective brother who is serious about his role in always taking care of her. In the middle of another hockey travel season, while her brother is on the road he decides to her leave her with the next best protective thing…

Ares Berger eats, breathes and sleeps hockey. Nursing an injury, he is put on leave from the team, and not by choice… at. all. With his preference for silence and his large mountain of a body, he is constantly brushed off as a big, dumb jock… until Felicity.

Ares barley communicates, and Felicity never stops talking… but these two opposites find  something in each other that no one else has ever given them…


Felicity has always been a little out there. With a constant barrage of voices filling in for awkward silences and situations, she tends to let her ventriloquism do the talking for her. Everywhere Felicity goes she garners unwanted attention, there is just something about her that makes men think she wants their attention. Which is the exact reason why she needs someone watching out for her at all times…

Ares may come off as non-verbal, but his silence is more of a choice than anything. He is a protective and lovable brut, who feels things much deeper than people assume. While incredibly attracted to Felicity, Ares would never sleep with a teammates sister, one he has been trusted to look after…

This was such a great read. Having met Ares in previous books, I didn’t know what to expect from a story centered around the simple, yet lovable beast, but the inner depth of Ares was an absolute pleasure to come to realize. This book was silly, sexy and incredibly sweet…

Two people who are completely opposite other than their love for hockey find not only acceptance for the unique people they are, but love that defies all explanation. And in a world of constant noise, sometimes speaking only dilutes the message…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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