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Piece of Work by Staci Hart


4 Stars

Rin Van de Meer is used to being invisible, but landing an internship at The Met, and being surrounded by the type of people who work at places like The Met, she finds herself suddenly very self conscious. And then she meets the department curator…  

Dr Court Lyons knows the type of personalities that make it in the museum world, and the new intern lacks everything he would look for in an employee.

When Rin and Court find a common ground in their passion for art, their initial  animosity slowly turns into something neither of them ever saw coming…


“You are the woman men chisel from raw marble to stand timelessly in a sacred place”

I adored Rin! She starts out as completely clueless about her appearance and how to function in the upper realm of the art world. After she has a bit of a transformation, she slowly gains the confidence that she didn’t know she possessed. Also, can I mention how excited I was for a half Korean heroine! I love reading a well researched and non-typical personality, and Rin’s character was an amazing and diverse addition!

Court is a man who is married to his work. Burned in the past by a failed relationship, he has decided to devote himself to the job he loves. But, Rin completely blows his entire walled off existence apart. He has never met someone who seems so genuine, and although he desires her, he can’t help but be cautious of what she may really be after.

I couldn’t get enough of all the sensational details within the pages of this book. From the magnificent art, to the perfectly written details about Florence, Staci Hart’s writing paints a picture so vivid, I find myself longing for a gelato and stroll through a Tuscan piazza.

I relished the scenes with Rin’s genuinely supportive group of friends, and I have some seriously high hopes that we will someday get all of their stories, too!!

This book was seriously sexy. With a slightly forbidden workplace romance, and an inescapable attraction, Rin and Court’s relationship made for a outstanding story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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