4 Star · ARC Review · Bad Boy · Dark(ish) · Hot Sex · Series · Sexy · Strong Heroine

Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks #2) by Callie Hart


4 Stars

Sera Lafferty’s trip to attend her sisters wedding was an eye opening experience. Meeting Felix Marcosa was something completely unexpected, and now the most unlikely of men has taken a special interest in her well being…

Fix is still a very bad man, but since his infatuation with Sera has finally entered into the satisfying portion of their relationship, his original mission is impossible to complete…

Fix and Sera are now in a race against time to find out who wants Sera dead…


Picking up right where Dirty has left off, we are thrown into the mad dash between Sera and Fix to get to the bottom of the bounty on Sera’s head. With many obstacles, hot sex and suspense along the way!

I am completely hooked on Sera and her badass personality in the face of her troubled childhood. She is one tough woman who you would not want to mess with. And Felix, with his shady dealings and his complete 180 degree turn around from his time spent in the Catholic Church. He is one sexy and dominate man, who in book number two starts to show a little more of his inner depth.

To keep this review completely spoiler free I will just mention the hot, hot sex (still happening), the suspense of Sera’s situation (nail biting), and the anticipation for book number three!!

If you haven’t started this series yet, you do not want to miss Sera and Fix and their dirty, inescapable attraction…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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