4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Love Triangle · Series · Slow Burn

Up to You (Love with Altitude #4) by Daisy Prescott


4 Stars

Mae London is just about the last single woman in Aspen, CO and it’s surrounding areas, at least according to her mother. With the festivities for her cousins upcoming nuptials ramping up, she is pushed into being set up on a date for the wedding… to the consistently hated Landon Roberts…

Landon has a well earned womanizing reputation. Having dated just about every woman in the small ski town, he doesn’t need any help with finding someone to take to the wedding. But, a real date and learning how to treat a woman with respect is a whole different story…

Then there’s Aiden. Big brother to Landon, and harboring a definite interest in Mae, he is somehow roped into helping his brother act like a gentleman to the woman he himself can’t seem to get enough of spending time with.

When sibling rivalry and the battle for Mae’s affection amps up, who will be the one to catch Mae once and for all…


Back to Aspen, CO and a much needed revisit to the characters of the Love with Altitude series, Up To You is a slow burn story of childhood acquantices who meet again at a crossroads in both of their lives…

Mae has returned home to spend time on the slopes, with friends, and is working as a waitress in an attempt to find what her place is now that she lives back in her hometown. Reluctant to go on a date with her old friend Landon, who has since taken to being a bit of a sleaze, she nevertheless agrees in order to placate her long suffering mother.

Since Aiden has returned to town, he is on a hiatus from socializing and grooming. Working on the river and crashing on his brother’s couch is less than ideal, but he is in a place where his need to distance himself from his former life has him doing things he never thought he would.

With Mae and Landon getting closer than they have been in a long time, does Aiden stand a chance, or will Mae slip through his fingers now that he realizes how much he really wants her…

I really enjoyed this book. While the potential problems from Mae and her connection to the two brothers would seem like a recipe for never-ending drama, this book was an light hearted and fun read that will have you dying for the time when a hook-up finally happens.

Up To You is the fourth book in the must read Love with Altitude series. This story was a light love triangle, with no cheating and for those who have read the other books in this series of standalone’s, maybe a chance for Landon to redeem himself… or not?

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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