4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Hot Sex · Series · Slow Burn · Sweet

I Think I Love You (Oxford #5) by Lauren Layne


4 Stars

Brit Robbins needs to figure out why every guy she dates breaks up with her and asks to just be friends. Desperate to find out what she is doing wrong, she hatches up a plan to get some dating advice from the one man in her life who knows her the best… her BFF Hunter.

Hunter Cross wants nothing to do with helping Brit pick up guys. But, leaving her in the hands of some slime ball isn’t an option either. Taking one for the team and agreeing to help her, it isn’t long before their innocent relationship-centric interactions start to change the way they look at each other…

When the best friends introduce in some benefits, their once infallible friendship is about to be tested…


“She’d been so sure that being with him like this would mess everything up, but right now it felt the opposite. As though they were finally finding each other after all this time”

This was such a great read! Brit and Hunter have an epic friendship that takes friends to lovers to whole new level of sweet and very, very steamy.

When Brit keeps getting friend-zoned left and right, she decides that she must be doing something wrong while dating, and asks Hunter to teach her how to keep men interested. With dreams of getting married and having kids, if she doesn’t figure out what she is doing wrong now, she worries she will never find “the one.”

Hunter is a devoted friend who agrees to help Brit out, but tries to keep them from falling into a blurred line of real attraction… pretty unsuccessfully. In focusing on Brit’s dating life, he soon realizes that he doesn’t want Brit to have a successful relationship.

While I loved this story and the main characters it focused on, I did feel like Brit and Hunter’s story was missing a little something. With an abrupt feeling ending that left me wanting, I would have loved a little more substance to this storyline.

As a lover of all things Oxford and Stiletto, this book was almost a bonus story of sorts, and it was such a treat that I got to revisit all of my favorite characters from both of the series! (After the Kiss was my first LL book, and has had me hooked ever since!!) Brit and Hunter were late introductions to the series, but they were a perfect addition to the magazine alums whom I already knew and loved…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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