4.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Hot Sex · Sweet

Love Machine by Kendall Ryan


4.5 Stars

Keaton Henley is a workaholic who realizes during a bachelorette party from hell that she wants to experience more sexually than she has in her limited dating history. A planner by nature, when she asks her BFF for help, no one is more surprised than her when he actually agrees…

Slate Cruz would do anything for Keaton, even be her wingman in her sexploration mission. But, all this dirty talk with his best friend leads him to view her in a whole new light, and suddenly, he wants to be the only man who teaches her all about what she’s been missing out on…


“Love is friendship, but it is friendship with fire in it’s belly.”

This book was such a sexy, fun and incredibly sweet read! Keaton and Slate have a friendship that is beyond compare, but when they decide to go for the benefits, will they ruin everything by developing feelings of a more romantic nature…

Armed with her sex syllabus and the desire to come out of her shell, when Keaton decides she wants to learn all about sex, she isn’t going to try anything half way. Putting her trust in her best friend is an easy decision, but when their lessons have her craving more and more of Slate, will she ever be able to go back to being just friends…

Slate hasn’t wanted a relationship for a long time. Preferring flings and uncomplicated sex, when Keaton asks him to help her, he is more than willing to offer up his expertise. But, being this close to Keaton and giving themselves over to each other has opened a door that Slate may never want to close again…

I loved Keaton and Slate’s easy going friendship and even easier transition into lovers. When these two people who care about each other so much begin to explore their relationship in a completely different way, amazing things will happen. From incredibly hot sex, to wanting to spend constant time together, everything starts out so great. And when it comes time to prove what they mean to each other… they find that there is a reason their friendship was always such a devoted one…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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