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Heartless (Merciless Book 2) by Willow Winters


4 Stars

***This review may contain spoilers if you have yet to read Merciless, book number one in the series***

Aria Talvery has come to accept life with Carter, but acceptance doesn’t necessarily mean she is happy. With the threat of harm coming to her family and the unknown of what her life in the Cross household now entails, she is left with a constant sense of instability. Except for when she is near the grounding force of the man she should hate with all of her heart…

Carter Cross is in the midst of not only fighting a war with his enemies, but trying to find a new normal with his overwhelmingly strong feelings for Aria. It is necessary for her to trust him implicitly, but Aria may still need to be heavily persuaded…


Heartless was another fantastic book in the Merciless series. With it’s focus being the push and pull of Carter and Aria’s relationship and the red hot sex that is ramping up between them….

I am fascinated by Carter and Aria’s relationship and their unspoken battle… that Aria seems completely destined to lose. Carter is strong and dominant, and Aria has been pushed into the shadows her entire life. With the endless possibilities of anything happening in the midst of the war, will this relationship be doomed to fail?

While, this book seemed a little slow moving throughout, once I got to the last five chapters or so, the suspense and the sex starts ramping up to heart pounding levels… and then… That. Ending. 

Yes, there is a cliffhanger, book number three is entitled Breathless and releases on September 4th… and I can guarantee, you will be just as breathless in anticipation for it’s release as I am now…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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