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Consume (Civil Corruption #3) by Jessica Prince


4 Stars

When Gina Ivory is hired on as the new assistant to the band Civil Corruption, she is going in as a friend of the band who is already familiar with it’s members… some much more than others…

Killian Everett is an egotistical man whore. And the last thing he needs is Gina going on tour with them and sharing his personal space day in and day out. But, when she isn’t easily persuaded to quit, Killian decides to focus on making her life so miserable that she won’t want to be sticking around for very long…

Gina needs this job, and someone as ridiculous as Killian isn’t going to be running her out anytime soon…


I adore the Civil Corruption series, and I was so excited to get to read the story behind Gina and Killian and their scorched earth animosity toward one another…

Gina has always worked hard to take care of herself and her ailing mother. After sharing a one night stand with Killian that didn’t end well, when she is offered the job working for Civil Corruption, her first instinct is to turn it down. But, her need for the income boost it promises eventually wins out over her desire to steer clear of Killian.

Killian has been burned by women before. Determined to keep himself protected from the kind of trouble women bring, he treats Gina like someone who doesn’t matter, and lives to regret it in every moment after that.

With a mutual distrust of one another, and an attraction that just won’t go away, Gina and Killian find themselves fighting constantly. But when they stop to acknowledge that they might mean more to each other than they originally wanted to admit, these two stubborn people are in for one wild and steamy tour…

This was a really great read! With personal issues driving their need for self presevation, it takes a lot for Gina and Killian to open up to the people around them. With their sexual tension fueled push and pull you will be anxiously awaiting the fiery hook-up that is bound to be repeated… again and again. This was another fantastic story for the Civil Corruption series that is not to be missed.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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