ARC Review · Contemporary · Hot Sex · Love/Hate · Second Chance

Bone by Dee Palmer

3 Stars

Regan has very little willpower when it comes to her ex, and very current fling, Dr. Joel Lincoln Prescott III. Their hate for each other is only eclipsed by their undeniable attraction and their desire for hot and extremely dirty sex.

Complicated doesn’t begin to describe their past and their current relationship…. if only Regan could avoid him forever…


I really liked the plot for this book, and the sex was super H.O.T.

Regan and Joel once had relationship that seemed like it was going places, but when circumstances had them splitting up, they both moved on with their lives. Until Joel moves back to town, and Regan is faced with the man she just can’t seem to say no to.

I loved the back and forth sexual tension and steamy sex between Regan and Joel. While the plot was really fantastic and the story was set to be a great one, I just didn’t love the book as a whole. I feel like there was just too much of everything going on, and that ended up detracting from the story as a whole. Sometimes simpler is better, and the elements of this book could have made up about three different stories I would have loved to read on their own.

Regan and Joel’s relationship had a whole lot of drama which seemed to never end, and as a result, I couldn’t love their characters much either.

While I was excited for this book and enjoyed reading it as a whole, I just wasn’t invested in Regan and Joel.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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