4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · One Night Stand · Sexy · Slow Burn

Falling In Between by Stevie J. Cole


4 Stars

Charlie Williams is on vacation to celebrate her divorce with her two BFF’s. Waking up one morning next to a stranger was not part of her plans… and she ran out of there as fast as she could. Back home in NYC, fate steps in and her sexy mystery man falls right back into to her life… and this time he isn’t letting her run away so easily. 

Elijah Banks is a man who enjoys the pleasures that life has to offer. He is extremely open and adventurous with sex, and thinks Charlie needs to let some of her inhibitions go… and he wants to be the one to finally set her free…


This was a great read, with their sexy yet complicated relationship that has a looming expiration date, Charlie and Elijah’s fling slowly starts to become so real and unforgettable, will they ever be able to walk away from each other in the end…

Charlie is super neurotic and also incredibly scared to get hurt again in another failed relationship. Not remembering much from her one night stand she shared with Elijah, she still recognizes her undeniable attraction she has to him every time she sees him. Although understandable, she drove me a little crazy with how much she holds herself  back from being with him and is constantly sabotaging herself.

Elijah is a very successful businessman, he is sinfully sexy and knows what he wants in bed, and he is not afraid to ask for it. He wants to get Charlie to open up and experience life the way he envisions she can, but he also realizes she needs a little push here and there to help her along the way. And while his hobby is something that initially draws Charlie to him, will it also be the same thing that ultimately pushes her away…

I really enjoyed this book! It featured a lot of sexual encounters between Elijah and Charlie, and was yet still a slow burn romance set to sizzle. Written almost entirely in Charlies perspective, I would have loved more from Elijah! He was such an interesting and swoony character, and I needed MORE from him!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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