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Envy (Eagle Elite #9.5) by Rachel Van Dyken


 3.5 Stars

As the nanny for some of the most ruthless young mafia leaders, Renee is living her life constantly on edge. Luckily her job is only temporary, and she can go back to her real life soon. Away from the volatile personalities, the danger, and the man she can’t seem to stop thinking about…

Vic Abandonato has pledged his life to protect his family. While he allows himself to watch Renee, touching her would be disastrous to upholding his vow. If only she stays far away from him… yeah… that shouldn’t be a problem at all…


This was a good read! I love the Eagle Elite series, and this novella features some new characters as well as some of my old faves!

Renee is the daughter to an associate in the Nicolasi family, which lands her the temporary job as nanny to some adorable mafia babies. In a constant state of nerves around the bosses, she is counting down the days until she can go back to school for her final year. But, when danger starts to come for her, Renee finds herself pulled into the family like she has never wanted to be…

Vic was once a man with little purpose, until he pledged to protect his mafia family with his life. Now, refusing to allow himself the pleasures he once overindulged in, Renee is the first person who has tempted him in a long time. And when she ends up being his newest assignment, his loyalty and self-control is about to be vigorously tested.

I loved the plot for this book, but I believe the novella length ultimately did not work for this story. With the absence of the detail we have in a usual Van Dyken book, I felt the story itself was a little lacking. I loved Vic, he was a little bit tortured and fit in with the rest of the mafia family seamlessly. Renee was a little weak for my taste, and I would have loved for her to have developed more of a backbone as the plot developed.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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