5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Forbidden Love · Sexy · Trilogy

Richer Than Sin (Sin #1) by Meghan March


5 Stars

Lincoln Riscoff is the heir to his family’s business empire, their fortune and also their generations long feud with the Gable family. Falling for the one woman he could never have wasn’t part of his plan, but now that he has had her, he isn’t going to let her go so easily…

“Riscoffs were evil, money-grubbing, dishonest, no-good cheats—and I was going to have an affair with the heir to the empire.”

Whitney Gable has no love for the Riscoff family. The bad blood between them always seems to leave her family suffering the most, and she wants nothing to do with causing any more problems for the people she loves. And while Lincoln is nothing if not persistent, she just happens to be the one thing that his money can’t buy…


Sexy and forbidden, these modern day star crossed lovers have been apart for ten long years, since the day that Whitney married someone else. But the attraction that once burned white hot between them hasn’t extinguished one bit…

All Whitney wants in life is to escape the town of Gable and never come back. When she has a fling with the one man in town who she absolutely could never be with, she tries her hardest to keep her distance from him. But, Lincoln has other plans. And when her life implodes ten years later, she returns to the town she wanted to leave so badly, and the man who still isn’t for her…

Lincoln doesn’t care about his family’s objection to being with Whitney, but as the heir to a fortune and the golden boy of Gable, rumors that could ruin Whitney’s life don’t tend to affect him in the same way. He wants to make it work, but she wants to keep far, far away from him and his treacherous family.


You. Guys. I admit it, for all of the amazing Meghan March books out there, this was my first read of hers, and it was even better than I expected.

Whitney and Lincoln’s chemistry and their impossible situation had me hooked from the very first sentence of the book. Their love affair, past and present is incredibly sexy and utterly unforgettable. I truly adored these characters, who seem to still have some of their secrets still held very close to their chest. And then, there’s the cliffhanger that leaves you furiously checking for the next release date (Sept 18). Trust me, you will not want to miss this trilogy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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