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Royally Arranged (Bad Boy Royals #3) by Nora Flite


3 Stars

With the death of his estranged uncle, Hawthorne “Thorne” Badd’s life as he knows it is about to dramatically change. The royal duty that his family has always kept hidden is now something they need to step up and fulfill… and it somehow falls on Thorne’s shoulders to do his part by marrying into their greatest enemies family…

Nova Valentine’s family has spend a very long time plotting and planning to gain royal power. When they decide that their continued truce with the Badd family hinges on her or her sister marrying into it, she can only hope that the man whom she has been obsessing over since they first met picks her as his future bride…


Nova has been through a lot since the first time she met Thorne and she all but blended into the background. Deciding to be more adventurous and refusing to let life pass her by, when she and Thorne instantly connect upon reuniting, she isn’t going to let their attraction fizzle out without acting on it first.

Thorne is viewed as the joker of his family, who never takes anything seriously. With his contentious relationship with his father and the future of a country now sitting firmly on his shoulders, it’s time for Thorne to do some maturing… and fast.

While I loved the plot in this book, I had trouble connecting with the characters, and some aspects of the story. Although I enjoy fiction, this story was a little too farfetched and underdeveloped for me to truly love it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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