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Hot Heir by Pippa Grant


3.5 Stars

Viktor is used to working for royalty, but when his old family title in Amoria comes back within reach, he has the chance to take back the legacy he never thought would be his.  Unfortunately, royal law decrees that the king must be married… happily.

All Peach wants is to take care of her younger sister and keep her from getting in constant trouble. But, when her sister makes that job impossible for her, Peach finds herself in a situation she never thought would happen… and requires finding a spouse of her own…

With no love lost between Viktor and Peach, why wouldn’t the most logical solution be for them to marry… each other.


Peach has always had to find her own way in life, and understandably finds it very hard to trust others. Especially men. Having a constant bickering relationship with Viktor, she seems like the last person who would want to marry him. And everyone knows how thin a line there is between hate and… super hot sex.

Viktor never thought he would become King of Amoria. Agreeing to the job ad marrying Peach, he focuses everything he has on trying to fix every issue that arises. And coming home to Peach every night is something he starts to look forward to more and more.

This book was a funny take on the marriage of convenience trope. Leaning a little more towards the silly side, I felt the love story between Viktor and Peach was overshadowed by so much of everything else that was going on in the book.

Although not my favorite book from this world, I enjoyed this story for it’s focus and continuance of the same group of friends in previously loved books, and I can’t wait for the next one.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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