ARC Review · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Sweet

Flirting with Forever by Kendall Ryan


3.5 Stars

Camden Carter has started to have some very inconvenient feelings for his best friend, Natalie. Sharing a friendship with her and their other best friend Jack, acting on those feelings could very well change the relationship between the three of them, forever.

Natalie Moore has been friends with Cam and Jack since high school, so why is she all of a sudden not able to look at Cam without thinking all kinds of inappropriate non-friend-like thoughts about him…


This was a good read, with a slight twist on a traditional friends-to-lovers scenario, the relationship between Camden and Natalie features a few more hurdles to overcome for them to find their HEA…

Natalie loves Cam and Jack, the two men are always there for her when she needs them and have made her feel welcome since the day she met them. Being super comfortable around each other, Natalie starts to worry why she is suddenly thinking of her BFF Cam in ways that never crossed her mind before.

Cam has been harboring feelings for Natalie for awhile, but once she starts talking about dating, his once easy to ignore urges are getting the better of him. But, with Natalie having no idea of his thoughts towards her, will he ever be able to get over his best friend?

While I enjoyed this book as a whole, I definitely felt like there was a lot of chemistry missing from Natalie and Cam. Their transition from friends to not being able to resist one another just did not feel very realistic to me, and I felt a little disconnected from the story line as a result.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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