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Down To You (Sixth Street Bands #5) by Jayne Frost


4.5 Stars

Tori Grayson is a shell of the woman she once was, who is simply existing in life after her husband and all of her happiness was suddenly taken away. Broken down and unable to move on, when her company arranges a tour she personally needs to attend, her foray back into musician life isn’t an easy one…

Logan Cage has never understood Tori and the hardships she has faced. While touring with her, he starts to see firsthand just who Tori is, and what she has been up against in the years since the Damaged accident.

With Caged on the precipice of greatness, Logan is poised to have everything he ever dreamed of, but what happens when his dream starts to look a lot like the broken former member of Damaged…


I may or may not be still crying from this book. If you have read any of the other books in the Sixth Street Bands series, this is a story you have been waiting for, and it delivers with one heart wrenching hurdle after another…

Tori lost her husband Rhenn, and one of her best friends, Paige, in a tour bus accident that just about took her life as well. With the losses of Damaged, a void was left in the music community, and with it an even emptier existence to those who were closest to the members. Tori was shattered, mind, body and soul from the accident, and has yet to recover any of her life back. Until Logan.

Logan is at times barely holding his life together. From a horrible childhood, to trying to take care of his sister, his problems are all held deep beneath the surface, and when they get to be too much, they have a way of erupting in the worst way. Getting to know Tori is unlike anything he has ever experienced, she is a woman who makes him want things he never thought he could deserve…

This book was a heart wrenching story of a woman on the path to healing from a life stopping tragedy. Tori has spent years in the shadow of her former life, and with the help of Logan finds it within herself to start letting the past go, little by little. With multiple sob inducing scenes, this book was a beautiful and tragic glimpse into when a great life is tragically altered, and the light that can be found when it is time to let go.

While this book can be read as a standalone, the ending was an epic conclusion to the Damaged story which has been the main catalyst in the Sixth Street Bands series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Wordsmith Publicity for my honest and unbiased review.

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