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No Tomorrow by Carian Cole


3.5 Stars

Piper Karel never thought she would meet the love of her life in a park where he was living and playing his guitar for money. But, finding Blue was like nothing she could have ever dreamed, and while she fell impossibly in love with him, she may never recover from the way he turns her life upside down…

Evan aka “Blue” is a homeless street musician who never stays in one place for too long. Meeting Piper, he finds a woman who makes him want to stick around and experience life with her. But, once he feels the need to move again, will their love be enough to keep him in her life…


This book the most complicated of love stories. Finding love young and in an unconventional manner, Piper and Blue have something so deep that it should be enough to sustain them, but a silent threat lurks ever present in their lives, and is only a matter of time before they have to fight for each other…

When Piper meets Blue she is young, and incredibly naive. Initially wary of being so attracted to a homeless man, she slowly gets to know the man behind the melancholy and his music that speaks to her so loudly. I liked Piper for her steadfast belief in her love for Blue. But, her inability to look beneath the surface drove me a little crazy. She started out very naive, and never really gained the insight to realize what she was dealing with in her relationship with Blue. But, as she is also very soft hearted, she does develop a tiny bit of a backbone… eventually.

Blue is an amazing musician. As long as he has his guitar and his dog, he can live anywhere and be content. His music is what sustains him. Finding Piper wasn’t ever his plan, but once he saw her, he couldn’t stay away. She is the light in his shadowed existence, and he wants to be everything she deserves, but he knows the likelihood of a happily ever after has never been in the cards…

Whew, this book will definitely put you through the ringer. Written as a span of a large amount of time, Piper and Blue experience a lot of changes in their lives, together and apart. I enjoyed the plot and the deep connection Piper and Blue share (and most definitely their incredibly hot and a little bit dirty sex life.)

The things that lost me a little with this story was I didn’t love the characters all that much, while I felt for their story, their actions and lack of perception had me hitting my head against the wall at times. And this book is lonnnnggggggg… I could have enjoyed this so much with about 20 less chapters.

Hitting on some very serious subjects and highlighting mental health issues that are far too often never talked about, this book was a sad, yet hopeful study of the way that sometimes life has it’s own plan…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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