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A Nordic King by Karina Halle


4 Stars

When Aurora James is offered a job nannying to two sweet, young princesses, it is a dream come true, until she meets her new boss. Arrogant and frosty,  her new charges’ father needs a refresher in how to treat people, and she has no problem telling him so… even if he is a king…

King Aksel of Denmark is a widower who is lost in the depth of his past mistakes. Hiring a beautiful and charismatic nanny like Aurora is the last thing he wants to do, but she happens to be perfect fit for his household, whether he likes it or not…


This was such a great read! I couldn’t get enough of Aksel, Aurora, their scorching hot love affair, and the impossible romance between them…

Aurora is a woman who has built herself up from nothing. While she is usually refreshingly comfortable in her own skin, she also has her moments of loneliness and of feeling a little lost. She is unfailingly honest and I absolutely loved how she consistently stood up to Aksel, and she didn’t let his status keep her from speaking her mind.

Aksel is a man who has been burned once and he came out of the other side stronger and icier as a result. He has no interest in finding someone after the loss of his wife, and he takes one look at Aurora and knows she is bad news.

With Aurora spending all of her time with the royal family, it isn’t long before they couldn’t imagine living without her. But, a poor girl from Australia could never be anything more than temporary to a king and his little princesses…

This book featured a fantastic plot and an engaging and interesting storyline throughout. The super hot sex and the somewhat contentious relationship between Aurora and Aksel was a complete delight. I also loved Aksel’s adorable daughters, whom even with their hilarious naughty streaks, were also completely sweet and endearing.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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