ARC Review · Contemporary · Love/Hate · Second Chance · Slow Burn · Workplace

Best Served Cold by Emma Hart


4 Stars

With the fate of her failing ice cream shop in the balance, Raelynn Fortune needs to do something to set her apart from her competition. Determined to revamp the interior of Best Served Cold and design a whole new spectacular menu, her biggest rival, neighbor… and ex-boyfriend isn’t going to know what hit him…

Chase Aaron made the biggest mistake of his life when he opened up an ice cream shop to get the attention of his ex. Two long years of the silent treatment later, and he finally found a way to get her to interact with him… but will helping Rae set his own business up for failure…


When Rae broke up with Chase, she was dealing with a lot of stress and she just couldn’t see her commitment to him doing anything but further distracting her from everything that was suddenly dropped in her lap. But, when he did the most unforgivable thing by stealing her business plan and opening a rival store, the love that they once share quickly turned into something very different.

Chase is the first to admit that his way of getting Rae’s attention was very wrong, but he has been working to make it up to her ever since. When he finds her needing help to renovate her store, he is more than happy to pitch in… and spend time with her as a result. If he could only work up the nerve to tell her the truth about his mistakes…

Firstly, I absolutely loved the creativity that went into the store renovations and the new ice cream creations. I could totally picture what a cute place the ice cream shop was going to be when it reopened.

While I felt that the plot was a little far fetched with Chase investing so much money to open a store to get his ex’s attention, I did think he was just about the sweetest and most forgiving guy out there for all he did to get Rae back. And Rae, sigh, I just did not like her. She seemed very self centered and while I appreciate her stepping up and taking over the store at a stressful time, I think she should have been a little more apologetic in her role of the crash and burn of her relationship.

This is such a hard book for me to review, while I ultimately enjoyed it, there was just something that had me disconnected from the characters and the romance as a whole. Perhaps it was the EXTREMELY slow burn, or the sometimes childish interactions between Rae and Chase, but the relationship focus took a major backseat to the Rae’s business overhaul and the fact that she was finally taking control of her life. I actually enjoyed almost everything about this book… despite not connecting with the hero and heroine.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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