ARC Review · Police Officer · Series · Suspense

Hidden (Deep Ops #1) by Rebecca Zanetti


3.5 Stars

Malcolm West is working to put his career as an undercover police officer behind him. After his last assignment ended horribly, he has decided to get as far away from the stresses of undercover life as possible, and he finds the perfect house to achieve his purpose…

Pippa Smith has been running for a very long time. Preferring to keep to herself as a measure of security, there is something about her new next door neighbor that makes her want to venture out of her comfort zone.

Both Malcolm and Pippa are hiding something, and it’s only a matter of time before whatever danger they have coming for them shows up on their doorsteps…


This book was an excellent foray into the new Deep Ops series, where we are introduced to a rag tag group of operatives brought together by one very persuasive commander.

Pippa was once deeply embroiled in a cult lifestyle at the insistence of her mother. Fleeing before her worst nightmare was realized, she has been living life on the run since she was 17 years old. But, with a timeline fast approaching that is important to the group, she finds herself being pulled back to the place she never wanted to see again…

Malcolm is still healing, mentally and physically from his his last undercover assignment. While he is looking forward to a quiet and uncomplicated life, it isn’t long before his solitude is invaded with a job offer, one he initially wants nothing to do with… until he learns of his first assignment…

Pippa and Malcolm quickly act on their attraction to each other, and what starts out as purely physical, seamlessly turns into something more. But, when they are lying to each other about almost everything, how could a relationship between them ever be something more?

I enjoyed this book, while a little slow in the beginning, the ending definitely turns up the tension and excitement. I loved the set up and characters introduced within the Requisition Force, and I can’t wait to see more from this series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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