ARC Review · Contemporary · Kindle Unlimited · New Beginnings · Series · Slow Burn · Tortured Hero

Test (Gentry Generations) by Cora Brent


3.5 Stars

Derek Gentry has made some horrible mistakes in his life. Trying to keep himself on track is a work in progress, but with every failure he has, he gets back up again to start over…

Paige Morrissey knows all about Derek Gentry and the mistakes he’s made. But, when he saves her from a dangerous situation, she finds herself getting to know the man behind the gossip…

With the comfort they find in each other, Derek and Paige begin a journey together that feels like forever… but sometimes forever just isn’t guaranteed…


This book was a heartfelt story of two people who both have a lot of pain in their past. Finding each other was never a plan, but realizing they have something special and real seems to make all of the reasons they shouldn’t be together disappear…

Paige lives a solitary life. With very little family and only a couple of really close friends, she has prefers to keep working at her job she has had for years, and staying close to her big rambling house she inherited from her grandparents. Until the night that rattles her, and changes her entire existence…

Derek made a bad choice and got behind the wheel while drinking, and a man died because of it. Having served his time he is working to rebuild his life, yet he finds himself struggling with addiction on a daily basis. Paige seems like someone who is too good for a man with issues like him, but he can’t resist her, even a little bit.

Although Derek and Paige seem to lead very different lives, they both find themselves putting on a happy façade for the outside world, and dealing with their inner pain in very unhealthy manners. Loving each other is a start, but will their feelings for one another be enough to heal what’s broken inside…

I really like Derek and Paige, their relationship was an extremely slow burn, and I felt that the storyline moved very slowly as a result. And with another Gentry family member finding his HEA, we are treated to scenes with many old favorites from the previous books and series.

This book touched on two very important and serious issues that many people struggle with on a daily basis. I really enjoyed how well these subjects were highlighted throughout the book and I though they were both represented extremely well.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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