4.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Funny · Movie Star · Series · Sexy · Unrequited Love

#1 Muse (#1 Series #5) by T. Gephart


4.5 Stars

Claire Becker a small, but spirited obsession with a very popular actor. And while channeling her fantasies into writing some sexy, yet innocent fan fiction, it isn’t until her work gets into the hands of Nick Larsson himself, that she starts to panic… just a little. 

When a recognizance mission goes wrong, Claire finds herself face to face with her dream man, and when the dream turns out to be even more delicious that the fantasy… Claire may be in over her head…


I loved this book so much!! Claire and Nick’s relationship was a fun and sexy absolute delight to read! I was so utterly entertained from the beginning to end of this adorable story.

Claire is an aspiring screenwriter who is in a writing slump, and the only thing that seems to fuel her work is her crush on Nick Larsson. Never thinking her work would end up in the hands of her muse, she is prepared to do anything to keep him from finding out she was writing about him. But, before she knows it, she and Nick are spending every waking moment together, and her little secret is something she definitely can’t keep quiet forever… right?

I adored every last one of the characters in this book. From Claire with her Nick obsession, her writing talent and her absolute devotion to those she loved, I found her refreshing and a delight to read. And Nick! He was such an adorable and hilarious leading man, I would have LOVED to have some of his point of view, because I seriously couldn’t get enough of him!

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this book… at first I was a little hesitant with the books plot from the blurb, but I let my previous enjoyment of T. Gephart’s work be the deciding factor on reading… and I am so ecstatic that I did!!!

This book is sexy, hilarious, extremely entertaining, and not to be missed! While it can be read as a complete standalone, if you have been following the #1 series, you will not be disappointed in all of the fantastic Larsson cameos!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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