4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Funny · Sexy · Slow Burn · Workplace

Love, Sincerely, Yours by Sara Ney & Meghan Quinn


4 Stars

Peyton Lévêque has been harboring a very embarrassing infatuation, and has been all-around obsessing about her total jerk of a boss. And with one small drunken e-mail mishap, she realizes that she has sent said boss a very inappropriate message outlining her desire to ahem, “bang him”. But, luckily, he has no idea who sent it to him…

Rome Blackburn lives and breathes business. To ensure his success in running his highly successful company, it is vital that he keeps his focus at all times. So, when he receives a sexy e-mail from someone in his employ, he is not above finding that person to teach them a lesson… and maybe a few other things…


This was such an enjoyable read! I was completely hooked on the banter between Peyton and Rome. Neither character was willing to give an inch in their relationship, and it was a glorious experience to read.

Peyton has not only been secretly fantasizing about her no-nonsense boss, but she has also been working on moving on in her career, away from the man she just can’t seem to stop thinking about. Leaving Roam, Inc is a hard thing to do, but Peyton is prepared to run her business with every bit of gusto she has witnessed from her stiff, yet brilliant, boss.

Rome doesn’t have time to be flirting with an unknown woman, and he certainly doesn’t believe in any sort of office transgressions taking place under his watch. But, while he finds himself waiting for every little reply from his mystery woman, he also has the added bonus of one sassy employee who is dead set on leaving him in a lurch…

This was such a fun read! From the inescapable sexual tension between Peyton and Rome, and to their individual rock solid work ethics, it is going to take a lot before these two are seeing eye to eye… or other places…

This book was the first co-written book by Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn, and they perfectly blended their individual writing styles into a delightful story that you will not want to miss. I was completely in love with all of the characters, Peyton, Rome and probably my favorite of all, Rome’s BFF, the hilarious Hunter… more books, please!! 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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