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Player by Staci Hart


4.5 Stars

It all started as a bet. The perfect-in-every-way player takes on dating the self conscious, curvy girl who is already completely infatuated with him…

Samhir Haddad loves to date… just not any one woman for any large amount of time. And he NEVER starts anything with a girl with whom he works with, no matter how fascinating he finds them. Until his buddy makes him a bet he can’t refuse, and he finds himself getting closer to a woman who may very well change his view on a committed relationship… forever.

Valentina Bolivar can’t get enough of watching Sam from afar. He is just so talented, and magnetic… and very far out of her league. I mean, why would the sexiest man she has ever seen ever be interested in someone as out of shape and boring as her…


Yes!! Player was yet another refreshing and distinctive read by the fabulous Staci Hart. From the fascinating backdrop of life in the orchestra pit, to a roaring swing dancing club, I was hard pressed to find a moment in this book where I wasn’t completely captivated by Val and Sam’s road to their very own hard-won HEA…

When Val’s talent on the trumpet landed her a coveted spot playing in the orchestra on Broadway, she met the man of her dreams… and she dreams about him, often.  But, she knows for sure that he would never want a woman like her… until out of the blue, he suddenly starts to show her what seems like an actual interest. But, his overature to spend time with her may turn out to be a little different than what she had in mind…

Sam really likes Val, but his rule about dating is not one he takes lightly. That is, until his friend pushes him to try to date Val for an entire month, or risk her getting her heart broken by a much bigger threat. It’s no hardship to spend time with Val, and when he finds that he can’t get enough of teaching her all sorts of fun things, he proposes an entirely different direction for their relationship to take…

I adored this book so much! With the well written visual of the sensational performances by the swing band and all of the fabulous swing dancing, I felt as though I was stepping foot in the club right along with Val and her incomparable group of friends.

I admired and at the same felt for Val, with her low self-esteem and diminished self worth, she truly felt as if she would never be the type of woman who a guy like Sam would date. But, along with her dazzling talent and her drive to learn all the untried things that has Sam agreed to teach her, she really had a fascinating desire to enjoy everything her life presented to her.

Sam was such a strong and sexy man, whose personality matched up well with his extraordinary talent. Multitudes of women were drawn to him for a reason, and after reading about his mission to help Val see what a stunning woman she is, inside and out, there is no way you can deny that his allure is the real deal.

Entertaining, sexy as hell, and utterly enjoyable, Player is a book that you do not want to miss…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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