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Suit (44 Chapters #4) by B.B. Easton


5 Stars

Brooke (aka BB) has had her fair share of awful relationships, which have all have ended in varying degrees of dumpster fire… very badly. And then she meets a man who challenges her in a way that no one ever has…

“He looked like a bad boy with a good job and a great body, and I was definitely in the market for one of those.”

While BB finds that sometimes the man you could have never imagined being with, is the only man who could ever be everything that you need… she also has to accept that the road to HEA isn’t always as easy as it should be…


BB Easton has once again let all of us into her very personal memories, and with SUIT she has shared a glimpse into the intricate relationship with her infuriatingly introverted future husband, Ken. This book was poetic, a complete tear jerker, had me constantly laughing out loud, and it was the absolutely perfect wrap up to this epic series…

BB is at a point in her life when her bad decision making has settled down (for the most part). We find her attending college to attain her psychology degree, working at a department store, and living back at her parents house. And while she is already friends with Ken, once she has moved on from all the trappings of her last relationship, she suddenly finds herself seeing Ken in a whole new light…

“No. Ken? He’s so not my type. He doesn’t drink or smoke or have tattoos or anything. He’s probably never even been arrested.”

Ken Easton is different than any other man BB has ever been interested in. He is his own study in the act of being reserved, and he also presents a challenge which is just too delicious for BB to pass up. But, when his impassive tendencies get to be too much,  BB has had enough…

Investing is your hobby? I don’t think you know how hobbies work.”

I swear, the writing of BB Easton contains some sort mythological quality that keeps each and every book she writes resonating with you long after you have read the last page. BB is unabashedly genuine and seems to hold nothing back, I think she has to be equal parts brave and crazy with how she shares everything with her readers.

SUIT was simply (another) fantastic read. With BB and Ken’s innermost relationship secrets bordering on TMI (in the best way… for us at least!), you will fall in love with this couple, just like they fell for each other.  Ken is BB’s impenetrable rock and BB is the person who pushes him out of his comfort zone repeatedly, and Ken secretly loves every minute of it…

Read this book, and read all of the 44 Chapters series, and you will be a BB fan for life, that is, if you aren’t already…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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