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One Knight Stand by Jessica Prince


4 Stars

After a disaster of a one night stand, musician Camden Knight finds his long kept quiet sexual proclivities suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Sure, he likes his sex a little rough, but having that private detail starting to affect his career… he needs a plan… and quickly.

While hiding in plain sight behind frumpy clothes, and preferring work to socializing, Sutton Briar simply enjoys keeping to herself. And she absolutely can’t stand being around entitled celebrities… most especially men like Camden Knight. But, when her job has her pretending to be his girlfriend… everything she once took comfort in hiding about herself is about to become a thing of the past…


Finally… Camden Knight! This book was an incredibly sexy, fake relationship story about a musician who needs some good PR, and ends up being set up with a woman he happens to butt heads with at every turn…

Sutton can’t stand Camden Knight. And since she is employed by his best friend and manager, she unfortunately has to see him all too often. Even better, she is volunteered to be his fake girlfriend to help spin a better image for him in the press. But, when their fake dates start to turn into some very real feelings, Sutton finds herself falling for the type of man she vowed to never love…

The last girl Camden would ever want to date is Sutton. With her ice queen personality and ability to dress in the frumpiest clothes imaginable, once she shows up for a date with him looking like she is finally comfortable in her own skin, Camden just can’t seem to get enough of her…

This was such a great read! Sutton was an amazing woman whose past has shaped her into someone afraid to put herself out there. But, with her budding relationship with a caring man like Camden, she starts to open up and let people in. Camden was such a sweet, yet deliciously dirty specimen of a man. I adored his character so much and was salivating for MORE from him.

With an irresistible plot and an incredible cast of characters, I enjoyed everything about this book. Not only was it uber sexy, but the storyline kept me engaged and absorbed in it’s entirety.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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