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The Hero and the Hacktivist by Pippa Grant


3.5 Stars

Eloise Jayne is a hacker who uses her skills to give scam artists and your typical internet trolls a little innocent payback. Until her latest hack lands her in some deep water, and she needs the help of someone with a whole different set of skills…

Rhett Elliott is feeling a little lost after he and his SEAL team have gone their separate ways. With a drive to help solve problems… at all times, Eloise presents the perfect project… too bad she doesn’t want his help out of her situation…


The relationship between Eloise and Rhett is ahem… “jammed full” of innuendo and sexual tension, which propels a funny and entertaining progression for this delightful story…

Eloise prides herself on being different and well, weird. Using her penchant for inappropriately hitting on men as a way to keep her distance, it isn’t until Rhett takes her up on her offer that she realizes that he may be the one man who could finally affect her.  Billionaire heiress and hacker, she never lets anyone in enough to really know the “real her”…

Rhett lives and breathes for his job in the military. Being forced to return home, he is at odds with his desire to jump into dangerous situations, and the recruitment job he finds himself in. Hooking up with Eloise seems like a great idea, and now that he is going to be home for awhile, he wouldn’t mind seeing more of her, but Eloise has other plans… like changing her identity…

This book was a fun read with the humor leaning toward the silly side and many charming cameos from past Pippa characters. Entertaining, sexy and utterly amusing, this was another incomparable read from Pippa Grant.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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