4 Star · ARC Review · Dark(ish) · Duet · Kindle Unlimited · Thriller

Preach. (Church #2) by Stylo Fantome


4 Stars

*** Preach is book number two in the duet, this review may contain spoilers if you have not read Church, book number one. ***

Emma Hartley gave everything to Church, her trust, her love, and her very soul. And then she made the ultimate sacrifice, one that only a man like Church could ever appreciate. But, things didn’t go as planned, and now she is trying to pull the shattered pieces of herself back together… and the man who broke her is nowhere to be found…

Church Logan isn’t going to let Emma go so easily… they made plans, and once the time is right, everything will work out just how he planned it…


With Preach, we are thrown back into the dark and twisted love of two people with deviant desires who have found an unusual acceptance in each other. Just when you thought you knew what Emma and Church were capable of, you will not be prepared for their stunning reunion…

Emma’s life has spiraled out of control and we find her working on her issues and blocking out the noise in her head, which is more often that not, Church. But, playing the game only works for her for so long, while she is waiting for a sign that the love of her life is indeed coming back for her…

Church has been waiting. Emma is the only woman he has ever connected with, and he loved to manipulate so much. She was once a means to an end, but now she is his everything

This book had me continuously hanging on the edge of my seat. To be thrust into the corrupted mind of a character like Emma was completely fascinating, even while being hard to swallow at times. With this depraved love story, Church and Emma find not only their other halves, but a peace that can only be achieved when they open up the darkest part of their souls… together.

I really enjoyed this duet. Although I felt there was more of a focus on the crimes that Church and Emma plan to commit together, and much less of a focus on their actual relationship. I would have absolutely loved to see more of the progression of their love, and the commitment change with book two and the aftermath of book one. With this  backseat approach that was taken to their relationship, I feel this book was more of a thriller than a romance.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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