4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Love/Hate · Sexy · Slow Burn · Sports

Bulldozer (Hard to Love #3) by P. Dangelico


4 Stars

Since turning her life around, Amanda Shaw has been dedicated to being the best mother and business owner imaginable. Her latest venture has her spending her summer in the Hamptons at her brothers vacation home… and with a very naked houseguest…

Grant Hendricks is recovering from major surgery at his former teammates home. Spending his days laying around and enjoying the quiet… until his teammates sister barges in… and turns his entire existence upside down…


This was another delightful read from P. Dangelico! This slow burn romance has it all… from a sizzling and combative start, to a meaningful connection like Amanda and Grant never could have imagined…

Amanda is a recovering alcoholic who is trying everything imaginable to make up for her past mistakes. Raising her young son, whom she let down when she was drinking, to dealing with her ex who keeps threatening to take her to court, she is looking forward to a relaxing summer in the Hamptons. And the grumpy naked guy is completely ruining it…

Grant is facing the possibility of never being able to play football again, and he is not taking it well. Depressed and not taking care of himself for his recovery, the presence of Amanda and her son starts to pull him out of his self loathing, and providing him with the kind of joy he never thought he could deserve.

Amanda was such an inspiring character, from her utter devotion to her son, to trying to making their lives perfect after she got the help she needed for her addiction. She had a magnificent hold on her continued sobriety and has become the kind of mother her son deserves. But, old habits die hard, and she is constantly second guessing her ability to be everything her son needs.

And then there’s Grant… from his hilarious constant nudity, to his simply inserting himself into every aspect of Amanda’s life, I couldn’t have loved the big ole brute any more. Steadfast and understanding, his uncertainty about a relationship with Amanda ultimately holds him back from going for what he truly wants.

This book was a sweeping slow burn romance that is not to be missed. With P. Dangelico’s always fantastic writing to her lovable and complex characters, this story was emotional, sexy, funny… and entertaining as it gets.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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