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Until Cobi (Until Him #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds


3.5 Stars

When Hadley Emerson risks here life to help a stranger, she wakes up in the hospital to find a man staying by her bedside. She knows who Cobi Mayson is, everyone in town does, but she can’t quite figure out why he has decided to take such a special interest in her…

Seeing Hadley at the scene of a crime, Cobi Mayson knows he has found the woman who is meant for him. She is everything he could have ever wanted, and he is determined to protect her at all costs. Their relationship is a given, if only he can convince her how much they belong together…


This was another alpha-delicious story in the always sexy, Until Him series! Cobi and Hadley’s story is filled with insta-love, never-ending drama, and all the delicious alpha bossiness you have come to expect from Aurora Rose Reynolds…

Hadley has never had a close family, or a lot of people who care for her. So when Cobi keeps showing up with his mission to take care of her, she is understandably a little uncomfortable with all of his attention. But, when she keeps finding herself in trouble, she is relieved to always find him there for her when she needs him…

Cobi knows about his family’s propensity for finding there spouses and immediately knowing they are “the one,” so when he meets Hadley, he is all in from the beginning. With her recent troubles and his desire to be around her whenever he can, he moves their relationship along pretty fast by showing up to spend more and more uninvited time with her.

I really enjoyed this book, with all of character expectations I enjoy in an Aurora Rose Reynolds story, this one did not disappoint! Sexy, fun and with, of course, a fast moving relationship, this was a fun and engaging read. The only issues I had with this book (thus a lower rating) were how there was WAY too many crazy incidents, so many that I felt they were detracting from the book and the progression of Hadley and Cobi’s romance.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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