ARC Review · Contemporary · Novella · Second Chance · Sexy

Cards Of Love: Three of Swords by Willow Winters


3.5 Stars

When Sophie Miller left New York City behind, she left behind the only man she had ever loved. Desperate to find herself and to quit falling into bed with Madox Reed, she has spent three long years without any contact from the man who used to mean so much to her…

When Madox and Sophie meet again, he is determined to keep her from running away once more. She left him once, and after giving her all the space he could possibly give her, now that she is back, they’re going to get everything out in the open, once and for all…


Cards Of Love: Three of Swords was a deliciously angsty second chance romance with some extra hot sex mixed in. Madox and Sophie may have spent the last three years alone, but the second they are back in the same city together, there is nothing that will ever keep them apart again…

Sophie was a great character, from the moment she fled NYC realizing that what she had with Madox was unhealthy, she was working to find herself. At times she seems to repeat the same issue over and over, which leads to her inevitably running. And she just can’t seem to bring herself to believe that Madox could possibly love her or want her for more than their sexual chemistry.

Madox has been in agony waiting for Sophie to come back to New York, and when she is finally back where she belongs, he will do whatever it takes to help her see just how much she means to him. He was such a swoony man, with his dirty streak and his devotion to Sophie, it was impossible not to love him.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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