ARC Review · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · Novella · Sweet · Unrequited Love · Young Adult/New Adult

Cards of Love: Wheel of Fortune by Ella Fox


3.5 Stars

Jackson Howell has been drawn to Chloe Holland their entire lives. While his need to constantly try to get her attention leaves her always angry with him, he can’t figure out how to get her to see how much he truly likes her. Finding encouragement for his dilemma in the least likely of places… the local fortune teller, Jackson accepts that his love for Chloe being reciprocated is going to take a lot more time than he realized.


This novella was a sweet, destined lovers tale that starts with Jackson and Chloe as young kids who love to hate each other… or do they?

Chloe has a hard time trusting, and with every prank that Jackson pulls on her, she finds herself blaming him for every thing that goes wrong in her life. But, she can’t deny that she has an inexplicable pull towards the jerk. And when she leaves town to attend college, the entire time she is away, her heart hurts with the knowledge that it is missing something.

Jackson knows what Chloe is to him, but understands the need to wait for her to realize what he means to her. And now that she has returned home for good, he isn’t wasting any more time claiming what has always been his.

I really enjoyed the plot for this book. From a predestined love, to the time needed for the relationship to mature, Jackson and Chloe have a slow and bumpy road to their HEA. As usual with a novella, the story itself did not have as much depth as I would have liked,  but the characters were definitely likable and worthy of discovering what has been in front of them for most of their lives…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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