4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Love/Hate · Reformed Man Whore · Slow Burn · Workplace

Right Where I Want You by Jessica Hawkins


4 Stars

Georgina Keller is a woman who can fix even the most desperate of failing company situations, and Modern Man magazine is definitely in need of her expertise. Coming in to help the publication gain a new outlook, with new readers, is her speciality, and she will deliver, whether the magazine’s creative director is on board with making changes, or not.

Sebastian Quinn made Modern Man the undeniably popular magazine it is today, but when an exposé takes him from hero to the villain in one swoop, his previous work at the magazine isn’t enough to dig him out of this PR hole. While against bringing in outside help, when Georgina shows up, he has a whole new problem… his attraction to a woman who is all wrong for him…


Right Where I Want You was a heartfelt story of two strong people who are dealing with character misconceptions and the need for both of them to learn how to trust and see each other at face value, and not how the rest of the world portrays them.

Georgina is woman who lacks confidence after her last relationship left her feeling broken and treated like a doormat. With her business persona, George, she is able to pull off the assertiveness to do well at her job. But, when her attitude gives Sebastian the impression that the sweet girl he first thought she was is nowhere in sight, his dilemma is of wanting her, but knowing she is just like all the other women he has ever dated…

Sebastian is at a crossroads, and life at Modern Man isn’t what it used to be since the death of his mother. While he doesn’t want outside help for the magazine due to the threat to his position, he fights Georgina’s role in the company, as well as his unwanted attraction to the woman who is all wrong for him…

This was such an enjoyable read! The book starts with a delightful rift between Georgina and Sebastian which is fueled by their unwanted attraction to each other, and makes for some entertaining sexual tension filled scenes. With both Georgina and Sebastian’s need to overcome their individual deeply personal issues, there was a lot of growth in their characters, and their road to a relationship was a slow burn, sweet journey for them both.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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