5 Star · ARC Review · Dark(ish) · Kindle Unlimited · Love Triangle · Love/Hate · Mafia · Opposites Attract · Sexy · Slow Burn · Strong Heroine

The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen


5 Stars

Francesca Rossi has always been a well mannered and obedient daughter. Destined to marry someone appropriate from within her community, she knows what to expect for her future. Until a callous man in a mask steals a kiss that changes everything…

Angelo Bandini comes from a long line of made men who know how important tradition and planned marriages are within their organization. Showing his interest in Francesca, by asking to date her through her father, is the only way for a man to secure a future with the highly esteemed Rossi daughter.

Senator Wolfe Keaton is determined to ruin the Rossi family by any means necessary. And his mission starts by capturing it’s one and only princess…


The Kiss Thief was a spectacularly unputdownable story that has stayed with me long after reading it’s final pages. With a messy love triangle and the incredibly blurred lines between the good guys and the bad, the storyline simmered with drama, angst and scorching sexual tension all rolled into one unforgettable book.

Francesca may be young and unable to control her own destiny, but a simpering child she is not. While she is prepared to be courted by a man who has her father’s approval, she is also entitled to her own choice in the matter.

Stuck between two worlds, and two very different men, Angelo and Wolfe represent two very conflicting paths for her life to follow. While one man represents her childhood, filled with shared memories and endless understanding, the other has no problem showing her the disdain he has for her and her entire family. When her choice seems to be taken out of her hands, will Francesca’s lifetime of being raised as the dutiful daughter ruin her chances at true love…


This book was so. freaking. fantastic. Fueled by secrets, dark deals and all kinds of mafia drama, this story was done so well that I found myself devouring it like I haven’t been able to do with a book in quite a long time.

Francesca was such a strong and admirable character. Never shrinking away from conflict, she grows and matures so much beyond her 19 years, that I never felt like she was as naive as (some) of the men, who loved to belittle her, made her out to be. To keep this as spoiler free as possible, let me just vaguely assert here, just how much I loved to hate one very delicious character. With a dark(ish) tone and a twisted, bumpy road for our characters, I just couldn’t get enough of this book. Sexy AF, while still providing all the feels and a fantastic storyline, I recommend you read this book ASAP.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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