4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Love/Hate · Movie Star · Opposites Attract · Series · Sexy · Strong Heroine

Hollywood Playboy (Hollywood Royalty #1) by Natasha Madison


4 Stars

Jessica Hawthorn is a leading Hollywood reporter that is known for getting the scoop before anyone else. Although she reports on the news of the stars, she has no love lost for the spoiled and privileged. And finding out she is booked on a 30 day press tour with one of Hollywood’s worst playboys, Jessica is less than enthused…

Tyler Beckett hates the Hollywood media, and Jessica represents the worst of them. With his every move ending up as a breaking story, he wants nothing to do with playing nice to reporters. But to promote his movie release, the press tour is a necessary evil. He just wishes for one particular reporter to not be included in the process…


Hollywood Playboy was such a fun story of a renowned gossip reporter vs a notorious actor who love to push each others buttons. Witty, engaging and incredibly sexy, this book was such an entertaining read!

Jessica once dreamed of being a hard-hitting reporter, but has since settled for years of reporting in the entertainment industry. While she is great at her job, she has never really enjoyed the type of reporting she manufactures. While she has had her run-ins with people like Tyler, entitled and way too full of themselves, there is something about him in particular that rubs her the wrong way. Traveling with a man she can’t stand for an entire month… no problem… until she starts to see just how wrongly she may have judged him from the beginning.

Tyler loves his career, doing his own stunts, and traveling the world, all while earning a huge paycheck. But, the constant spotlight on his personal life is the absolute worst. Knowing Jessica as the reporter who always seems ready to spill his biggest secrets, he has a preconceived idea of just what kind of person she is. Until they call a truce and the cutthroat reporter shows him just how trustworthy she can be.

This was such a fantastic read! The delightful differences in Jessica and Tyler lead to some entertaining as hell scenes where they don’t hesitate to go head to head with each other.

Jessica was an unapologeticly career driven woman who gets her scoop and moves on to the next story. With her strong backbone and personal ideals, she was such a perfect match for Tyler.

Tyler definitely had the persona of a troublemaking Hollywood leading man, even if there has never been a story about him that contained the full truth. With his love for his parents and the way he treats the people around him, his caring personality quickly becomes as apparent as his always charming outward persona.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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