4 Star · ARC Review · Bad Boy · Dark(ish) · Erotic · Hot Sex · Series

A Single Glance (Irresistible Attraction #1) by W. Winters


4 Stars

Her sister is dead, and Bethany Fawn wants answers. Entering the dangerous world that her sister frequented before her death, Beth captures the attention of a man who vows to give Beth the answers she needs… on his terms.

Jase Cross has no business wanting Beth as much as he does. In his world, distractions are lethal, and with one look at Beth, he knows she is going to be a bigger diversion than is wise. A good man would let her walk away… a good man wouldn’t lie to her… but Jase never claimed to be a good man…


A Single Glance is all it takes for Jase to know that Beth is a woman worth pursuing. In his world of death, destruction and drugs, he should leave an innocent woman like Beth alone, but she made a big mistake when she pulled a gun on him…

Beth is devastated in the loss of her sister, feeling numb and desperately wanting answers, she recklessly makes a scene at a Cross establishment, not caring whose attention she captures. When Jase approaches her with a proposition, she knows she should be staying far away from him and his cryptic promises, but she wants answers… and she wants Jase. No matter what happens, Beth already knows that falling for the villain is never a good idea…

Jase likes to be in control and he is prepared to show Beth just how to overcome her overwhelming sorrow and need for answers, his way. Getting her to agree to be at his mercy and to go along with their little question for a question game isn’t easy, and it probably isn’t wise, but Jase wants Beth, for as long as he can have her.

A Single Glance was a seductive and sexy beginning to the long awaited story of Jase Cross, quite possibly the hottest Cross brother yet. This book was so freaking scorching, with the encounters between Jase and Beth heating up the pages and the storyline holding me completely riveted, it was impossible to put down. With another signature Willow Winters cliffy that left me reeling, I am desperate for more from Jase and Beth.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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