ARC Review · Contemporary · Hot Sex · Series · Unrequited Love

Served Hot (Best Revenge #2) by Marie Harte


2.5 Stars

Dexter Black is blackmailing Maya Werner… into dating him. Loving her from afar since high school, now that he is back in his hometown to stay, he decides that it is finally time for him to get Maya to realize just how great they could be together… and not just in bed.


Served Hot had a really great plot concept and it more than delivered with the extremely hot sex. Two groups of friends that are slowly all hooking up with each other is usually a solid hit in the romance genre, but my investment with all of these characters is sadly, just not there.

Maya has some lasting issues from her childhood which result in a complete aversion to all long term relationships. While she is a successful and confident woman, she is really hiding some deep rooted self esteem issues.

Dex has always been interested in Maya, and now that he has traveled and done everything he wanted to achieve with his single years, he is ready to settle down with the woman he loves.

I found Dex SUPER controlling… and not in a sexy way. Although he does that too, and at that point I would say it works a whole lot more. There was just something in the way that he spoke to Maya, insinuating that she had no control over herself, etc that really rubbed me the wrong way.

While I like the concept of these two groups of friends, I ultimately feel like the friendships are slightly forced. And at one point, one of the dudes threatens Maya, which just seriously just crosses a line.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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