4.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Funny · Love/Hate · Second Chance · Sexual Tension · Strong Heroine · Unrequited Love · Workplace

Breaking the Billionaire’s Rules by Annika Martin


4.5 Stars

Deliver lunch to her old high school nemesis while wearing a cat costume? No. Problem. Mia Corelli knows how to deal with entitled men, after all she learned from the best, and she isn’t going to let Max Hilton get under her skin… ever. again.

In his 20’s he wrote “The Max Hilton Playbook” which is a how-to guide to landing the hottest girl in the room. Since then, Max has turned his literary success into making himself a household name in the men’s lifestyle business. Surrounded by gorgeous models and staff who thinks he can do no wrong, Max’s life is nothing if not predictable. But seeing Mia again changes everything, quickly transporting him right back into their delightfully entertaining high school rivalry.


Breaking the Billionaire’s Rules was a refreshingly fun and highly entertaining read! With fabulous characters and a storyline that is as unique as it is fraught with sexual tension, this book will have you absolutely glued to the pages until it’s inevitable end.

Mia is a stage actress in between productions and while she waits to audition for a new role, she spends her time delivering sandwiches… while wearing a cat uniform… complete with the ears. Upon learning that Max is her newest delivery client, she develops a plan in how to deal with a man like Max… by using his own ridiculous book against him.

Max has cultivated his lifestyle into a billion dollar dynasty. Being seen at the trendiest places with the hottest women is just a day in the life of Max Hilton. Being around Mia again is a welcome distraction that only a woman like Mia could provide. As bold and as interesting as ever, it isn’t long before the two of them are going toe to toe… and kiss for kiss.

I seriously could not get enough of this book! I adored Mia, she was hilariously confident in anything she put her mind to, and her antics where Max was involved were utterly genius. Max definitely has a rich playboy persona… until you get the smallest glimpse into his personality, and I dare you not to fall for his inner depths and thoughtful mentality.

Sexy, smart and entertaining as hell, this book is anything but your typical billionaire romance.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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